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The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua has emerged as a premier surfing destination like their central american neighbors Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador. The southern pacific coastline outside San Juan del Sur benefits from the unique weather and geography than creates offshore winds nearly 330 days a year. This weather pattern is made possible by Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, which enables a westerly wind flow from the trade winds to flow across the country from the Caribbean. This is a consistent wind that doesn't blow out at mid morning and continues most of the day.

While the secret is out and many of the previously inaccessible beaches are now reachable by land, these roads are long, slow and uncomfortable, especially during the best surf season which coincides with the rainy season. The Aquaholic with its twin 140 outboards can speed you in comfort to any break in a fraction of the time required to drive enabling you to surf the same uncrowded waves that the remote surf camps offer but also allow you to experience the accommodations, restaurants, nightlife and fun of the town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Our captain has been surfing and fishing the waters of Nicaragua for 10 years and can bring you to the right spot depending on the current local conditions and the experience of the riders so you spend more time in the water.

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Las Salinas

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Surfing boat charter prices begin at $300
Surfing charter rates are determined by the amount of time that you wish to be out surfing. Possible surfing excursion locations cover Southern beaches and Northern breaks north until Santana and Coloroado or Popoyo. Depending on the amount of time you choose. We could also do a quick surfing run to Remanso, Yanqui and Tamarindo.

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